[LH3088] "Select All" in Binder. Bug or Feature?

Not sure if this is intended behavior or not.

In the Edit menu, if I have a binder item selected, “Select All” is grayed out; I cannot select it by menu.

However, I can use “Ctrl-A” and select the entire binder. Encountered this by accident; there might actually be times I want to select the entire binder, but this wasn’t one of them.

With a lengthy/large structure of the project, this causes Scrivener to freeze (in the case of the project I’m working on, for over a minute the first time) while it processes the command.

So is this intended behavior? Or is it a bug?

Speaking as someone who prefers keyboard shortcuts to menu options, I think I’d prefer that a Binder-context “Select All” be from menu only. Not sure how others feel about that. I think it’s too easy for the mouse to wander over there while furiously typing, and using “Ctrl-A” will then cause an uninterruptible freeze while Scriv processes that command.

Thanks for catching this. “Select All” (and Deselect) should be available in the menu for the binder; that’s an oversight. Speed when loading items would be an optimization issue, which we’re also continuing to look at.