[LH3135] Duplicating Chapters

Tried to duplicate a Chapter with nothing it in but a single, empty Scene. Scrivener stopped responding - didn’t come back from it.

Got a ‘files were recovered’ message when re-opening the project,

Thanks for the report. We’ve found a bug that can cause a hang/crash when splitting or duplicating a document; we should have it fixed for the next beta.

It seems to me that this is something new, as I’ve duplicated chapters in the previous beta. Is there currently a workaround? How do I now add chapters?

Two ways:
If there’s nothing special about them, then Ctrl-shift-n should make a new folder – which you can rename “Chapter.”
Click on the new folder, Ctrl-n should make a document within it, which you can rename “Scene.”

Make a new project. Drag-drop your chapter with its scene to that. Drag-drop that new chapter/scene to your original, in Manuscript (or whatever you might have changed that to). Scriv should place it below your last entry in Manuscript; then you can move it wherever.

Some bugs have been seen with the second method, but they seem to have disappeared for no apparent reason.

That’s what I ended up doing.

Depending what exactly you’re trying to do with this, a simpler solution might be to create a new document templates folder that contains a template Chapter folder with a Scene document inside it (or whatever the set up is that you were previously duplicating). Using “New from Template” to add copies this way shouldn’t trigger the crash.

If you’ve never used document templates, it’s easy to set up:

  1. Create a new folder in your binder, outside the Draft folder, to house your templates. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll name it “Templates” but you can call it anything.

  2. In the new Templates folder, create any starter documents or folders you might want to create, e.g. create a folder called “Chapter” and create a document inside that called “Scene”. You can add any text you want to these, and add labels, status, or other metadata.

  3. In Project > Project Settings, select the “Special Folders” tab. The top section sets the document templates folder; select the “Templates” folder from the drop-down menu. (If you did name it “Templates”, it will show up at the top, essentially as a quick-pick; below that will be the whole binder structure of folders, excluding the Draft, and you can scroll to pick it.) Click OK to close the settings.

The icon for your Templates folder in the binder should have changed to a blue square with a white T in it, and all the items within that folder should have a little version of that superimposed over a corner of their icon. This indicates they’re all templates.

  1. To create a new Chapter folder in your Draft, select the Draft or the previous Chapter folder and choose File > New from Template > Chapter. This will create a copy of the Chapter folder that’s in your Templates, including the Scene document within it. You can then change the name, change the text, etc. to this new chapter and then use New from Template to create another chapter in your Draft when ready, again duplicating the folder/file setup in the Templates folder.

Edits to the items in the Templates folder will affect any new files you create with New from Template but won’t have any bearing on the old ones–they’re just duplicates, like the duplicates you were making previously, so not linked in any way to the original.

And, indeed, it doesn’t. A very elegant workaround - thanks.