[LH3146] Setting Author Information

I’ve searched, and found a few similar topics, but so far nothing that is quite what I’m looking for.

In version 3 for Mac, one sets the Author Information (name, address, etc) under Preferences/Author Information. I haven’t been able to locate the equivalent in the Windows 3 beta.

Also, when I create a comment (a feature I use frequently to help organize my thoughts in early drafts), the Mac uses the Author Information to correctly label the comments. On the Windows beta, it appears to be pulling in my computer’s administrator account nickname.

I apologize if this has been answered already, and I thank you in advance if you can point me in the right direction.

Hi GayzeN - The author info like this, for use within the project (vs. compile info), isn’t currently implemented on Windows. At present, templates don’t pull the information but just use placeholder text as prompts for you to edit, and the comment name is drawn from the Windows account information as noted.

One way to work around this at present could be to enable additional substitutions (in Options > Corrections) and set up a replacement so you can type a simple phrase and have it automatically replaced with whatever name you want to use for comment signatures (the replacement will occur once you type a space following the trigger text). Or if you have a text expander like PhraseExpress, Breevy, or AutoHotKey installed, you could set up a more complex replacement along the same lines, including dynamic text like the date, time, etc. (I actually do that on the Mac version, so I can format the date/time the way I want it for comments without affecting my system settings.) These are all just extras, of course, but a possible way around the current limitation.

Thank you! I actually feel much better knowing the feature isn’t implemented yet, and it’s not my brain missing something obvious.

Thank you for the suggestions. They’re good work-arounds.