[LH3162] Highlight Current Line color

There appears to be no way to change the color of the current line highlight, so it’s always yellow. This fails badly when using light text on a dark background (which I’d like to do in Composition mode), leading to white text on yellow.

Also, in composition mode the line highlight has a little jag after the last letter in a paragraph and occasional artifacts between words or on blank lines. This is most visible right now if the background is black.

I am able to change the highlight colour by right-clicking on the highlighter icon in the toolbar and selecting a new color from the grid. Does that not work for you? This grid is also accessible by right clicking on the highlighter icon in the “Formatting” tab found at File > Options > Editing > Formatting.

The highlighting you’re describing colors behind the selected text.

The highlighting causing problems is the one turned on at: File > Options > Appearance>Main Editor>Highlight Current Line. This causes the entire line containing the insertion point to be yellow. On the Mac I can change it to any color (though I can’t remember if it has a separate color setting for composition mode).

Thanks though :slight_smile:

Ah! Thank you for clarifying. This has been filed.

This affects Beta 11 in Dark Mode. The text is white against a light yellow highlight line, which is difficult to read.