[LH3192] Find and replace bug?

I’ve had some issues with find and replace in a scene. I was trying to change a character’s name, so I hit Ctrl+F and started doing a find and replace. Sometimes, but not always, when I clicked “Replace and Find” it didn’t replace the name before finding the next instance. It’s happened to me a couple times now.

I’m using beta on Windows 10.

Thanks for finding this! It looks like if the highlight is still active when the “Replace & Find” button is pressed, the next occurrence is moved to without changing the current one first. This has been filed.

Happy to help!

FYI - This is still occurring for me in Beta 22.

This is STILL occurring in Beta 26. Find, then Replace & Find will replace the first occurrence in the “Find:” box and find the next one, but after the first one all it does is leave the one just found as is (no replacement) and finds the next one, then again, then again, changing none but the first.