[LH3201] Minor weirdness when moving docs

Steps to reproduce

Create five documents, all at the same level.

Select the four documents at the bottom and C-Right to move them to become sub-docs to the one at the top.

Observed behaviour

The document selection becomes the bottom three docs.

I am unable to C-Left to undo the move to the right.

Expected behaviour

The document selection should remain as the four docs per the original selection.

I would expect to be able to C-Left to undo the C-Right.

Tried this. Okay, there’s strange behavior.

The FIRST time I try this (I’m already 3 levels deep in the outline, btw), the TOP document of the selected 4 moves right. The others stay in place. What? However, I can Ctrl-Leftarrow to move it back.

The SECOND time I try this (immediately afterwards) all 4 docs move right, and Ctrl-leftarrow will move them back.

Inconsistent behavior indicates some bug is present.

And I think the strange behavior only happens if Scrivener is recently loaded and this is the first time this function has been called. Not sure. I’ll check this again later, once time passes without Scrivener loaded, because I can’t reproduce it right now.

To throw another variable at you, what view mode are you in when you see these oddities? We currently have a bug that affects binder selection while in Scrivenings mode, could that be what is causing the effects you are encountering?

Yes, in scrivenings mode. But this mode seems to be automatically set when more than one doc is selected, so not sure I have a choice about that.

This has been filed.