[LH3222] Cards Across Cork Options

Changed card number to view across fails consistently with no change.

Menu selections tested:

-->-> {1-10}

Thanks, this is filed. In case you should run into it, the display issue here isn’t affecting directional movement on the corkboard, so using the Ctrl+Up/Down/Left/Right shortcuts will rearrange cards as if they really were displaying at the set number across. The best fix for that at the moment is to just switch it back to “Auto”, which should fix the movement to match what you’re seeing on the grid.

I just tested it. Actually, using the CTRL-Arrows only changes the active card and has no effect on number of cards across. The “Corkboard Options” is a great way to control the cards, however it too has no effect on number of cards across. This method should be an easy fix, though not high in importance. Thanks Jenn. :wink: