[LH3292] Beta 11: spelling and apostrophes bug persists

Congrats on Beta 11; my first impressions are very positive, but I noticed that the previously reported bug where typographic (“curly”) quotes are not recognised as apostrophes is still there. When you type the possessive form of an unknown word (e.g. Raskolikoff’s), Scrivener formats the apostrophe as a proper closing quote (Alt-0146). But if you then add it to the user dictionary, it remains unknown and is underlined with red sqiggles.

However, as I have previously posted, if you hit “undo” as soon as you’ve typed the apostrophe, so that it reverts to a straight typewriter quote (’), and add that to the dictionary, Scrivener will recognise both it and the curly-quote version as correctly spelt. (You can achieve the same end by searching and replacing the user dictionary file.)

Thank you for your feedback, JJE. This has been filed in our bug tracking system as #3292. We will do our best to fix it in the next release.

Hi. I note that this bug is still present. I typed Roxette’s into my script and could not add it to the dictionary.

However, the work-around with undo still does the trick.

I “discovered” that you can correct spelling or add a word to the dictionary in the synopsis. Unlike in the editor, you need to highlight the whole word first, else you won’t get the correct context menu with the spelling/dictionary options.

How does this help?
It introduces an alternative method to teach the dictionary rare or foreign words with curly quote apostrophes. Simply type the word in the synopsis where it will feature without its curl (Don’t CUT from the editor and PASTE in the synopsis - it will bring along the curl) and go to work, as above.