[LH3358] Navigate: Quick Reference handles accelerator keys in doc names, Go To doesn't.

Hi - There’s an inconsistency in how the Beta responds to accelerator keys in doc names under keyboard navigation. It recognizes them in the Quick Reference flyout menu, but not in the very similar Go To menu.

We can create an accelerator key by placing an ampersand in a document name in front of the character we’d like to use as the key. In the Tutorial, I’ve renamed the Key Concepts doc &Key Concepts to illustrate.

On Navigate > Quick Reference the document is shown as Key Concepts and we can open it by keying Alt-n r k .
But on Navigate > Go To the same document is shown as &Key Concepts and we can’t reach it by its keystroke shortcut.
Not sure it’s quite a bug, but guessing this difference in accelerator handling is unintentional.

Regards - Jerome

Thanks. This has been filed.