[LH3440] Copy Special > MMD & BBCode multiplies and adds extra paragraphs between copy/pasted text

With a recent update, Copy Special currently takes the existing number of paragraphs in a selection and multiplies them by two. I thought it might be a new feature, but then I realized it was turning two line breaks into four, and I guessed that wasn’t intended. If I’m doing something wrong please let me know.

Can confirm this behaviour, pasting the copied text into both a Markdown-specific editor and a standard text editor.

Thanks for the report. That’s a problem with the setting that converts RTF to Markdown in the compiler as well (I assume they are using much of the same infrastructure internally). We’ve already got it noted; the ideal behaviour is to insert spacing only if it is necessary to do so, not to increase spacing beyond what you’ve provided if that is enough, and obviously to never insert more than one empty line itself.

Thanks for the additional info!

I can’t speak for the compiler (haven’t used it very much or with any consistency), but if it helps at all, I only noticed this shift with Copy-As-Markdown with the most recent beta (Beta 15). All previous betas seemed to display spacing normally when copying-as-Markdown.