[LH3440] Line Break without new line

Hi there,

I opened the same topic in Markdown and LaTex but someone suggested to post it here, as I use the beta. So maybe an admin can close the thread over there.

Here is my problem:

I am struggling to find a way, to have Scrivener export a md file and have a Line Break just be a new line. Scrivener always adds an empty line in between. I know this is required for new paragraphs, but how can tell it to just create a new line?

I need this for code I have in my book. If I look through my old Exports, Scrivener never added those empty lines.
is this something that was recently added?

Best regards and thanks so much!

Shift-return instead of return? Adds a line break instead of a new para.

My thought as well, but this just fucks up the markdown. If I use Shift+Enter I end up with this in VSCode:

Any News on this?

Use preserve formatting for this fragment.


sorry for replying so late.
This does not change anything.

I if I have I create a “full” linebreak using Enter I get an additional line on export to markdown.
If I just do a “half” linebreak using Shift+Enter I end up with no linebreaks at all. In the markdown all I get is Diamondshape with an Questionmark inside if I open this in VS Code.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

This is a bug in the MultiMarkdown output at present, with the empty lines being added during compile, Once this is fixed, it should work the way you’re expecting, outputting exactly what you’ve typed in the editor–a single return where you’ve used a single return, double where you’ve pressed Enter twice, etc.

Unfortunately there’s not really a way I can think of around this for the time being, given the nature of the issue. If you’re not using annotations otherwise, you could add an inline annotation to the document in the places you need a single return and use that for a find/replace on the compiled document afterward. Then, once the bug is fixed and the annotations aren’t needed, you can just tick the compile option to “Remove Annotations” to strip them out of the final document.

Thanks for the reply! Now at least I know, I am not making any mistakes.
I will try to make use of your annotation trick for smaller bits of code and do for Gists for the larger ones.

Thanks for the great support of this software!