[LH3454] BUG in custom metadata

When I select the “>>” to get to the Custom Metadata dialog, the box showing right below the “>>” is blank. May be hard to see in thi s pic, but right below “Custom Metadata”, on the right, is a grey box, and that’s the dropdown from the “>>”.

Boy that was hard, but I did manage to reproduce it. You have to make the inspector pane really narrow. I couldn’t figure out how to get the >> at all!

Anyway, this does appear to be a bug, but is resolvable by merely increasing the width of the inspector pane.

And lose the extra screen space? I run one editor and an outline view, very often with custom metadata showing. Don’t want to lose view of that (which I would, if I expanded the inspector much). I know that little screen is there (which is the extra space, I guess from the “Custom Metadata” title), and I just click it. I’d rather Custom Metadata be shortened or abbreviated, even cut itself off, to show the typical three dots for the dialog box.

Thanks. This has been filed.