[LH3550|3551] Snapshot Manager Incomplete & Inconsistent

The Snapshot Manager, the one that is accessed through Documents->Snapshots menu, has some incomplete and missing features:

1. Export feature from ellipses does not work.
2. Cannot Add or Delete a Snapshot from this form
3. Compare does not offer types i.e. (Paragraph, Character, Word, or Clause).
4. Sorting is not possible (though searching works fine).

Also, can the Search feature be added to the Snapshot in the Inspector?

It will be easier for users if there was consistency. The Snapshot Manager should look and operate the same like in the Inspector. For example, there is no EXPORT from the Inspector’s Snapshot.

:imp: :imp: :imp:

These have been filed and your suggestion has been noted.

The snapshot manager should have the same functionality as its Mac counterpart, which also does not allow sorting or adding of snapshots through the manager.

Thanks for your help with this.