[LH3556] Dragging Bookmarks to other bookmark sets not functioning


Dragging documents from the Binder into a Bookmarks Inspector control works well. But dragging bookmarks from one Inspector control to another is failing, with the following behaviors:

  1. If we drag in just one, the bookmark is added in the other Inspector, but in name only. No link is created.

  2. If we drag two bookmarks between Inspectors, the second bookmark is created, but with no name and no link, as shown:bookmarkdrag2.jpg3. If we attempt to drag three or more bookmarks, none will be created in the destination Inspector.

Thanks for taking a look

Rgds - Jerome

Thanks. This has been filed.

Sorry to reiterate on a filed issue, but as we’re testing a Release Candidate I’d like to remind the team about this most prominent bug. We can’t yet rearrange bookmarks, or move them from pane to pane, and there are other odd outcomes when we multiselect and drag.

Rgds - Jerome

This has been fixed and will be available with the next update.