[LH3561] Hyperlink Display Bug in Beta

I looked but didn’t see this specific weird behavior in the forum so reporting it as a bug.

After creating URL hyperlinks using the Add Link… command (created using a custom Ctrl+K shortcut key) with a backslash like those in this example, when the cursor is in the URL text only the portion on that segment-side of the hyperlinked text displays an underline. If the cursor is not in the hyperlinked text, no underline is displayed. This is inconsistent behavior.

In this example, I have created a Web hyperlink using the Add Link panel. It’s a single link encompassing all of the text, not two separate links to the same location. No underline is displayed when the cursor is outside of the hyperlinked text.

When I place the cursor inside the first part of the hyperlinked text, only the first part of the text is underlined.

Same scenario with the latter part of the hyperlinked text.

In case anyone is wondering, yes the hyperlink I’m using is a legit link, it just hasn’t been created yet (it’s a short, easier-to-type URL that points to a longer affiliate link). I’ve added that longer link to the document and also added a hyperlink to that URL here. Moving the cursor within a link with multiple backslash segments continues to underline only the current segment.

Two interesting observations here, though.

  1. I noticed that the backslashes, though not the rest of the text, ARE underlined.
  2. In the segment my cursor is in here, it seems to divide at the = sign, though not at the ? sign. Interesting. Helpful?

Hi SteveCoombes,

What you’re seeing is an issue with the spellcheck overriding the underline. So when your cursor is placed inside a word the spellchecker doesn’t recognize, the red dotted line goes away and the underline can be seen. Since the spellcheck knows to ignore slashes, that’s where the break is happening. I’ve filed this bug and updated this thread with the ticket number.