[LH3562] Search Imported Webpage

Is it correct that Scrivener does not include imported web pages in a project search? Using beta 26, I import a page from Wikipedia and then search for a phrase contained in that page, but the web-page does not show up in the search results.

If I copy and paste a paragraph from the imported webpage to a text document, the phrase does show up in search results.

Yep, it is so. My workaround is to use a Windows search in the project folder, and then an AutoHotKey script to convert the file paths obtained thereby into identifiers Scrivener will recognize. Too cumbersome for most. If anyone knows of a more direct approach, I hope they’ll share it.

Rgds - Jerome

Thanks for the reply. I am surprised there is a place for research, but you can’t search it.

Thanks. This has been filed.

Wow, nice catch Shelly. For all these years I’ve surmised that the omission of WebArchive docs from the index was intentional. It never occurred to me to question it.

Fortunately anyone with projects whose HTMLs are too large and/or numerous to index can make use of a terrific new capability: Import > Research Files as Shortcuts. I trust this mechanism will continue to keep destination documents beyond the indexer’s reach.

Rgds - Jerome