[LH3571] Can't Export Files

Using the export files feature. (rtf)

Expected behavior: choose the folder and the location and it says “will export 31 folder and 169 files” Click export. Files appear in chosen destination folder.

Actual behavior: Go to destination folder and only the parent section shows up (no 31 folders, no 169 files).

Anyone know a way to work around this glitch?

Reminds of an old bug that may be related. Exported filenames are truncated to their first period or full stop, and the duplicated filenames thus generated silently overwrite their predecessors. So if our selections for export are “A.A Milne”, “A.A.U.W”, and “A. First Principles”, only a single document, called “a.rtf”, will be net added to the export folder. The bug goes back to Scriv 1 and has never received a support ticket, so please forgive this shameless piggybacking on a similar issue.

“Export Files” saves to a truncated filename that does not match the one shown in its screen prompt

Cheers - Jerome

This has been filed, and should be fixed in the next version.