[LH3572|Suggestion] Beta 16: Menu Item for Look Up in QuotesDictionary.com Takes User to an Invalid Web Page

Using the menu item Writing Tools - Look Up in QuotesDictionary.com opens a web page returning the error message that the IP address cannot be found. Maybe the site has folded?

On a related note, can you add a menu option for a rhyming dictionary? One that lists words is Rhymer.com. There are others as well.

What about adding a few menu items where the user can specify the URL for specialized web pages? For example, I often feed my scene text into expresso-app.org/ to analyze it for weak verbs, long sentences, repeating first words of sentences, and so on. Having a menu item to paste the text into the page would prove helpful. I believe the Mac version does this in the program, but the Windows version doesn’t, so this is a workaround for me.


Thanks Miik,

The invalid link has been filed, and I’ve marked this as a suggestion for us to look at later.