[LH3583] : Stranded Comment Highlighting

I have actually bumped into this a few times. Basically what happens is that the manuscript highlight for a comment is split in half which makes it hard to remove the linked comment.

  1. Highlighted several lines of text and created a comment.

  2. I wanted to change the text in my manuscript but had trouble moving the cursor into the correct location of the highlighted text so I used the arrow keys to get into the middle of the text so I could change it (I wanted to leave my comment at this point)

  3. I deleted some of the words and changed others. As soon as I put a space in, the text that was highlighted by the comment was split in two parts. i didn’t think to much about it and typed away.

  4. After I was done, I had one comment but two “comment” highlights. Since I addressed the issue of the comment, I deleted the comment that removed the first highlighting. But left the second highlight intact.

  5. If I hover over the second highlighted field, the original comment is displayed in a popup. If I go to another display on the inspector and go back to the comment display the comment again shows up. But I couldn’t delete it.

I was finally able to remove the second highlighting but it didn’t really remove the second orphaned comment. I did this by adding a second comment over the top of the first one and when I deleted the second comment the highlight in my manuscript finally went away. BUT if I add a new comment to any of this same text, the original comment magically reappears.

:frowning: I’m going to try to delete the affected text and retype it to see if I can clean up the error.

Maybe you could fix this but by allowing the comment link text to be edited and by allowing a space in that edit. .

This has been filed. You are correct, spaces should not break the comment into sections.