[LH3588|LH3195] Couple issues with comments and mobility

When I edit my chapters, I will highlight a passage my mouse and press the comment button to note what I need to do in that passage. But several things go wrong.

  • If the passage is highlighted from the function, then I cannot edit any words within the passage without either A) deleting the comment, which I don’t want to do until the issues within the comment are resolved OR B) I click a word outside the highlighted passage and use my arrow keeps move the thing down to the words I want to alter. Can you make it so you can edit words within a highlighted passage without having to resort to either of these methods?

  • When I delete comments, they will reappear after a random period of time unless I close the program and then reopen it. Even clicking save in the File tab before the comment reappears will prevent it from reappearing. Closing the program is the only way I have found to prevent this from occurring. Please make the comments stay gone after they are deleted.

  • In my novel I am using regular text for narration and spoken dialogue, I am using italics to represent internal dialogue. I had an issue when I highlighted a passage that included one sentence of italics and tried to use the comment function: it made the entire passage italicised. Even after I deleted the comment, the text remained in italics. This was very frustrating as I had to go back through to edit the passage to differentiate between internal dialogue and narration, but I also had to deal with the issue I had noted in that passage as well. Plus the highlighting kept reappearing because the comment kept coming back after I had deleted it. Please make it so the comment function only highlights the text but does not alter the formatting of the highlighted text.

Mobility issues: I know you guys are aware of the issue with compiling, but why can we not print pages of our document out? I get eye fatigue easily so when I am editing I like to print out the section I want to edit. As it is, I have to export into a word file then print it from the folder I exported it to. Technically, Word opens on my computer in order to read the file to print it then shuts itself down. Can you make it so we can print a section directly from Scrivener so we do not have to go through the extra steps please?

Have you considered, perhaps just while the beta gets sorted out, stick a symbol like ## after a passage you want to make comments on for editing and then comment that ##, so the passage you need to edit is not what you select for the comment. That resolves a couple of your issues.

It is just the quick print that doesn’t work. You can print just fine if you compile to print whatever selection you make. Use the ALT-mouse click to deselect everything, then select the section or two you want to print and your compile options.