[LH3591] Menu Icons Misaligned

A visual bug on some menu items. The icons are misaligned and appear with the text overlaid and making the text hard to read. I’ve attached inline a couple of example images, as well as a zip file showing screenshots of all the places I found the bug occurring. I’ve listed these out below.

System Info:

  • Beta 2.9.16
  • Windows 10, version 1809
  • Surface Pro 4

[]/Insert/Inline Annotation
]/Insert/Inline Footnote
[]/View/Editor Layout/No Split
]/View/Composition Mode Backdrop/Sunset
[]/Project/Project Targets
]/Format/Font ---- Various (see zip file attached)
[]/Format/Paragraph ---- Various (see zip file attached)
]/Format/Style ---- Various (see zip file attached)
[]/Format/Scriptwriting/Script Mode
]/Format/Revision Mode ---- Various (see zip file attached

Example of Bug:

Example of Bug

Screenshots.zip (521 KB)

Hmm. Seems to show up elsewhere too. Just found the misalignment in the Metadata area of the Inspector, if trying to apply a label from the dropdown style selector at the bottom of the Inspector window, the color icons show up the same way.

Thanks. This has been filed. It only affects Dark Mode at this time.

Ah! I had completely forgotten to check that. Makes sense then why I didn’t see anyone else reporting it - I figured those would have been pretty visible that someone would have seen them by now, but Dark Mode may not be as popular or as used, so hadn’t been seen.

Good to know, thanks,