[LH3602 |LH3603] Position of page numbers can not be modified

The position of page numbers can not be modified with my project. They are always displayed left, no matter which position I choose. And there seems to be a misassignment between section names and header/footer configuration. I only can see page numbers when I assign $

to the ‘first page’ section, assigments to ‘main section’ are not displayed.

BTW, where is the dialog that allowed to change the project and author name within the Metadata/Project Properties in 1.9?

Assuming you’re wanting to know where in the Beta those are.

File → Options → General → Author Information

Or, in the Compile dialog, the right-hand column, click the SECOND icon (the little tag).

I have exactly same problem, pagenumbers are always aligned to the left and only when I set pagenumbers to the first page section. Settings for other sections are not displayed when the document is compiled.

That explains the trouble I’ve been having with page numbers. I tried setting them everywhere, EXCEPT First Page.

Thanks! These have been filed.