[LH3608] Unexpected result when using Undo right after pasting text

Sometimes when I paste text from another source, such as Word, I forget to paste as plain text, and I get unwanted formatting in my Scrivener document.

When I undo the paste operation, the new text goes away as expected, but the formatting remains.
Since I want it as No Style in Scrivener, I have first to select another Scrivener style and then select No Style before I can paste once again.

This is probably not as intended(?)

Hi adrm,

Sorry for the delayed response. Can you give an example of what type of formatting remains behind?


Hi Bryan.

It’s been a while, but judging from the date stamp on my downloaded beta installation files, I guess I was using beta 29 back then.

I tried to replicate the issue, using beta 31, and it seems to be working as intended now.

I’m getting weird behavior with Undo in Beta 31 when I undo a character OR paragraph style. Last time was this:

Highlighted a word and added a character style to it.

Pressed Ctrl - Z to undo that style.

Cursor jumped to the top of the file (however, the character style was undone as expected).

Thanks gjperch, this has been filed.

Hi, I know this is not a Mac thread, but exactly this issue has been bugging me on Mac for a while. It is not a major thing, I know, but a minor irritation that distracts me, and for example leads me to posting this, rather than get on with my text. :smiley:

I am on Mac version 3.2.3. Would the same logic have caused this in both versions, and could the same solution be used to fix it? Many thanks.