[LH3617] Expandable/Collapsible Arrows on Binder Selection Disappear when selected

Version: Beta (899097) 64-bit - 18 Apr 2020

When you select an item in the binder, the binder will expand to show the sub-levels of the folder but the arrow to collapse the item will disappear while it’s selected/highlighted.

I’m not seeing this, but perhaps it depends on the theme you’re using. (I’m on Solarized Light.) Could you post a screenshot please?

Not experiencing this with the default theme, either.

I included a snapshot. I tried taking a video but I didn’t realize the forum didn’t allow for vids. Hopefully, the screenshot should illustrate what I’m talking about.

Dark mode theme. I remember this being talked about a few months back. Doesn’t look like to was resolved and I can’t locate the thread where it was mentioned. :frowning:

I’ve tried a number of themes and find the same problem in all of them except Default. I believe this has been the case ever since Themes were introduced.

It seems I misunderstood the issue.

Yes, I’m seeing the same thing with Solarized Light. When a binder item is selected, the arrow disappears.


This has been filed. Thanks.