[LH3617] When in Dark Mode (RC7), the "Expand" arrow is not visible for a selected folder

In Dark Mode, if you select a folder (so its line highlights) then you can no longer see the expand/collapse arrow, even though it is still there and functional.

These two images show the unselected state (where the arrow is visible) and the selected state (where it is not):
Dark Mode no Toggle Folder Arrow Visible - Not Highlighted.jpg
Dark Mode no Toggle Folder Arrow Visible - Highlighted.jpg

This has been filed. Thanks.

I know that this had been reported before not only for the dark mode theme. The only theme that works properly with this issue is the default theme.

and I believe this is fixed in the latest RC8 release.

You are right Tiho! Thanks for the update!

Hi, this is still happening to me in RC9 using Dark Mode. Please let me know what details I can give to help fixing this.

Install the latest RC. Switch to another Theme and back to Dark Mode.

That worked, thank you!

I like how it looks XD