[LH3625] Problems while compiling a script into PDF

Hello everyone, while using beta i found this conversion problem that only exists when compiling a PDF. Basically the outcome is an extremely small PDF with all pages condensed in one, written at the smallest size possibile.
If instead i compile into a docx the output is perfectly normal and in conformity to what i see on screen, after that i can finally export it into PDF and everything is fine.

Is there a problem i’m not aware of? Thank you so much for your patience.

There is a bug we are aware of when Compiling a Project Created with the ‘Screenplay’ template using the Compile Format ‘Script or Screenplay’. Is that what you are experiencing? If so you can work around it by double-clicking on the ‘Script or Screenplay’ format to create a duplicate and compile using that, it seems to fix whatever the issue with that format currently is.

The fix worked perfectly, thank you!