[LH3627 | LH3628| LH3633]: Incorrect keyboard mapping for Text Indent.

Hi there,

This test is with beta 17. Generally it’s great, good work!
I noticed the “increase indents” key was set to CTRL+M, but in the format menu, it was displaying as Ctrl+Shift+M, and the editor was acting accordingly.

To attempt to reproduce the bug, I changed the indent settings changing the Left Indent hotkey from M to Q, as shown:

Here is the result in the menu (both before and after restarting scrivener):

Note that Increase Indents is bound to the Decrease Indents key (which works, sort of, see below), and there is no hotkey bound that will decrease the left indent.

Other things that arose from me testing this for quite a while:

  1. Tabs and indention don’t work with lists, but I see other tickets on this that cover most of it–definitely still an issue!
  2. “Increase Text Indent” has been correctly renamed to “Increase/Decrease First Line Indent”, nice
  3. “Increase/Decrease Indents” are confusing labels as implemented, aren’t they? I think it implies all left indents, first-line, left, along with hanging indent (which has format menu options but isn’t part of the listed keyboard shortcuts, which is fine I suppose–I assume it’s used less on average). The feature was previously called “Increase Left Indent” in Scrivener 1.x. While I understand that technically the hanging indent is part of this, so there are 2 indents being altered, they aren’t the two main indents (first-line and left), are they? I guess I thought “Left Indent” being shorthand for “Left and hanging indent” was commonplace (hence their strong ruler coupling in every modern editor user interface, including scrivener, the bottom box and attached triangle). So again, “Indents” plural is confusing here, at least to me.
  4. If Increase/Decrease Left Indent is returned from Scrivener 1.x, can we have a real “Increase/Decrease Indents” option, that would increase/decrease all 3 left-oriented indents with a pair of menu options (and keyboard shortcuts)? This is akin to grabbing the ruler left indent button in all modern editors, including Scrivener: when you slide the left indent button, the bottom square indent button on the ruler, the hanging and the first-line indents move in parallel, because their position is virtually always relative to the left indent. Personally, I think the easiest and most user-friendly solution is to just change the existing “Increase/Decrease Indents” option to include the first-line indent, as the ruler does… To me, this would serve the vast majority of use cases, but maybe I’m overlooking something. What are your thoughts? Would anyone object to this?

Thanks for listening! Happy to answer any questions or test something in particular if it’s helpful. I’m sorry if the second part veers into a feature request–it’s related to the bug and the confusion around the change in naming, so I hope it’s fair game. I’m not trying to make more work for anyone!


To extend on this:

I notice that the Labels for Increase Text Indent and Decrease Text Indent are BOTH Increase First Line Indent. I assume this is a missed textual change.

If you click on “Decrease Indent” in the menu, it moves the bottom indent marker in the ruler to the left. It does not shift the first line.So this is actually “decrease hanging indent.”
If you click on “Increase Indent” in the menu, it moves that marker to the right. I didn’t expect that. When I increase indent, I usually want the ENTIRE PARAGRAPH shifted right, not just “All the lines but the first line.” This is actually “Increase Hanging Indent.”

“Increase First Line Indent” and “Decrease First Line Indent” do what’s expected.

“Increase Hanging Indent” does something strange; it increases the paragraph indent, but DECREASES the First Line indent. Unexpected. I’ve never seen that in any word processor anywhere, and am a bit surprised that Scrivener does it. It seems there may be some confusion as to what’s intended for this? “Increase Hanging Indent” should do what “Increase Indent” currently does. And “Increase Indent” should shift the whole paragraph right. What “Increase Hanging Indent” is doing… I’ve never seen before, and I think it’s a bit odd.

And there is no way to shift an entire paragraph right by a tab stop using the menu.

Definitely a bug set.

Thanks! These have been filed.