[LH3631] BUG. Some SMART QUOTE styles do not work properly without interface language change

After reading this thread – [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh3631-help-where-are-the-german-quotation-marks/45467/6] – I checked to see if they worked.

Double smart quotes in that style worked properly.
Single smart quotes did NOT.


Also, both the single-quote version and the double-quote version seemed to have duplicate menu entries in the smart quotes drop-down.

I started checking the other styles of smart quotes.

Immediately, I noticed an issue. I couldn’t use the Japanese style of quotes. I could select them, but they didn’t work.

I tried uni-directional guillemets (Finnish/Swedish style), and they didn’t work either.

If I change the quote style and do not change Scrivener’s interface language, most of the smart quote styles do not work correctly. Only one of the “German style” quote options seems to work. However…

I change the interface language, and all of the styles appear to then work. It doesn’t seem to matter to what language I change. And once changed, things appear to stay working correctly. So the workaround to make these things work correctly is to change language, restart Scrivener, change language back, restart Scrivener. Pain in the derriere.

I will check further on this, because it seems to happen just once (perhaps once per Windows session?).

I tried a variety of smart quote styles before changing the language.

Also, until changing the language, both the “German” double quote styles remained the same (the ones pictured). After changing language, they changed to what they should be (One is German et al, the other Hungarian et al)

The order of entries changes from one access time to the next. That was unexpected. Are these drop-downs based on “most-used”, so we cannot tell from one access time to the next where the desired menu item is going to be?

The order of menu entries between the two drop-downs (for double and single quotes) does not match, either. The entry for double-quote guillemets is at the top, while the entry for single-quote guillemets is at the bottom. I’m pretty sure they should be in the same order. Perhaps I am wrong.

I expect the main problem reported in this post will repeat on restarting Windows, so to change smart quote styles away from English default I’ll have to restart Scrivener twice. That should not be. I’ve seen plenty of English novels using guillemets (French quotes) and Anführungszeichen (German quotes). Even the Chinese and Japanese styles (kagi kakko).

Changing interface language should not be necessary to effectively access other styles of smart quotes.

So while several bugs are noticed, I think it’s just 2.

  1. Have to change interface language to use some smart quote styles, and
  2. The smart quote selection menu entries shift position randomly.

After I logged for a while and restarted Scrivener, the problem reappeared. It wouldn’t use, say, kagi kakko as my smart quote style, nor guillemets, until I changed languages. Doesn’t matter what I change it to, or if I then change back to English, they work after that.

Thanks! This has been filed. Scrivener was only allowing one change per session, so attempting to change to a third type of smart quote failed.