[LH3634] Possible bug during compile phase? Not sure.

So, I have several enumerated lists in my custom metadata (well, I don’t enumerate them, but Scrivener does, I’m pretty sure).

For example, I have a POV field, with a list of characters. I might have Albert, Joe, and Nancy, for example. Internally, Scriv uses 1, 2, and 3, except for the actual list of Albert, Joe, and Nancy. That’s obvious from examining the scrivx file.

Scriv replaces placeholders appropriately. So, <$custom:POV> is replaced by Albert, or Joe, or Nancy, as appropriate.

However, if during compile I select Text with Metadata as the Layout, a header above the chapter beginning is printed, and it lists the metadata – kind of. Keywords, Labels, and Status are printed as is. If I have a straight text field in Custom Metadata, that will also be printed as is. For example, I have an “Issues” field to remind me during reading to fix (or to be sure to have fixed) certain issues I saw in the chapter (or my readers saw in the chapter).

However, LIST metadata is printed as a number. So if I have Albert in the POV field, it’s printed as:

The “1” was unexpected when “Albert” should have been there.

I think this is a compiler bug concerning layouts, not a placeholder bug, but I found it investigating placeholders. The placeholders are fine. I hope this behavior isn’t intended; it seems off.

Thanks! This has been filed.