[LH3648] Exiting Composition Mode gives white area

Hi, I’m not sure anyone has mentioned this already, but I’ve found an issue when I have Scrivener maximized, and then run and exit Composition Mode. Scrivener won’t return to its original maximized shape. Here are a few images to show what I mean. I’m using Version: Beta (909024) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2020.

This is Scrivener maximized on the screen (you can see the Windows toolbar below it. It runs across the entire length of the screen):

Once I run and then leave Composition Mode, I will get Scrivener’s working area sized as if it were restored, but with a blank, white space all around the screen, as if to make up for the space it took when it was maximized (which it still is). You can see the Windows toolbar under it, again, running across the entire length of the screen. But now Scrivener shows a white area taking up the remainder of the screen where the software should effectively be. If you look at the upper right corner (above the white area, like it’s floating there), you can see the 3 buttons to “minimize”, “restore down” (not “maximize”, because it is still maximized) and “close”:

Just to make sure I am being clear, in the image above, Scrivener is NOT restored (it is maximized, but it shows only its restored size, with a white area making up for the remainder of the program). Below is what Scrivener looks like when it is effectively restored (not maximized, so no white area around it):

The bug does not take place when Scrivener is restored, only when it is maximized (the white space is precisely the remainder of the area that its restored position would have compared to its maximized position on screen). So whenever I’m maximized and leave Composition Mode, I get the extra white space. As a result, I keep having to restore Scrivener, and then maximize it again for it to show properly (see 1st image above).

Thanks for the reports and the screenshots! We have the bug filed.