[LH3774] Bulleted List formatting Error

When I just typed four lines of items to place in a bullet list, it did this in the editor:

This is a bulleted list:

Also, why are there no buttons to Shift Right / Left paragraphs or bulleted lists?

Wade B.

To shift left/right use tab/shift tab or backspace which is far more convenient and faster than a button.

I did the same thing. First thing I checked was bullets. Made a short list, like so:
Selected all, and used the button to convert to a bulleted list. This results:
The last item has had its tabs set to something other. The first two lines, the indent is set to what seems to be 1/4 inch; the last line, per the ruler, it’s set to 1/6 inch. I’m not sure the ruler is accurate, but it’s a measure, at least.

I looked at the contents.rtf file with another RTF reader (I have several), and all showed a similar issue. File Explorer shows what Scrivener shows. Two longer indents and one shorter indent.

However, if I START with a bullet (that is, I have a blank line and I click the bullets button), ALL my bullets will use the indent from that last line (in this case, ~1/6 inch) when I bulletize a non-bulletized list.

I was excited when the bulleted list issue seemed to be resolved in the most recent beta. Size of bullets and bullets moving with tabbed text was working great. However, there is still an issue that makes the feature unusable for me: It does not want to let me stop using bullets, and wants to retroactively insert bullets prior to where I began the list. Here’s an example:

Thanks, I am afraid this is a bug. When a bullet list is created from several selected paragraphs, the last paragraph has a different indent. This can be fixed via dragging the line indents. If you create the list items one by one using the Enter key the list items are created with the proper indents. I have filed this bug and will be fixed in the next release.

Can someone please guide me to where this Options is? I cannot find it under Options nor on a menu? I would like to test this out syncing between iOS and Windows to see if it has in fact improved anything / everything. Thanks.

This was removed just before the release, and we missed updating the release notes. The default tabs and indents are using defaults, which ensure exact as possible visualization under Windows, Mac and iOS, and not bother the users with the details here.

Thanks Tiho - will play around with it in Beta 20. I use a lot of bullets in my technical writing and it has been frustrating to have to re-format between platforms and / or set up more than enough bullets in Windows and then delete unused ones (but would still screw up when entering one in the middle and having to reformat when back on Windows. I know lists are difficult to get consistent!