[LH3796] Compiling into PDFsplits bottom line of text

Hey all, this is my first bug report, so hope I’m doing it right;

I’ve noticed an issue for a while now where compiling text into a PDF cuts off the bottom line of many of the pages and splits it between the current page and the next page. This seems to happen both on my custom formats and on Scrivener’s built-in formats.

I thought I saw that this was addressed in some beta notes a while back, but it seems to persist. Also took a cursory look to see if others were posting about this and didn’t see anything.

Screenshot attached for reference.


Perhaps a form of [LH3796] Images splitting across pages when compiling to PDF in beta 41.

Great suggestion. I took a peek at that thread and noticed a suggestion about line spacing. The issue does appear to go away when I have spacing set to 1.0x.

Hope that’s helpful for devs!

Glad that was useful!