[LH3864] Can't change file extension when compiling to plain text

I want to compile my entire draft to a plain text file with the extension .tex, but I cannot seem to find the option to do that. Am I overlooking something?

The only option there seems to be is the mmd>latex option but that completely messes up my Latex code.

At the moment that isn’t possible, the .txt extension is hard-coded. There should be a way of doing this in the future though: if you edit a plain-text compile format, you’ll find an extension field up in the top-right corner. Once that is hooked up, it should start working, so you might as well fill it out.

Stupid question, but it is possible to hook up a wrapper script that takes the .txt file and renames it to the desired ending?

Ah thank you for this answer! I had indeed noticed that field, but when I entered the .tex extension, nothing changed. Good to know this will be a future feature.

This has been implemented and will be available in the next update.

I just tried it out with a .tex extension, but it does not seem to work right yet. The file it put out was test.tex.txt instead of test.tex

Thanks. This has been filed.

It seems to work as intended now. Thanks!