[LH3871] Question about ebook output (mobi)

I’ve added a title/copyright page to the ebook front-matter (between the cover and dedication). When it’s compiled it renders the pages in this order:
Cover/Table of contents/ Title page (new)/dedication.

How can I move the table of contents after the dedication page?


This isn’t currently possible from within Scrivener, but once the feature is implemented, you will be able to use a special <$toc> placeholder in an otherwise blank document and place it in the binder where you’d like the contents to appear in the compiled book. For now, you could try compiling to EPUB and moving the pages in a dedicated editor (Calibre or Sigil, for instance), then converting that to the Kindle format. Another option would be to compile to DOCX and then use Amazon’s Kindle Create to convert it to an ebook for publishing on that platform.

Thanks, good to know it’ll be implemented. I’ve been editing using the Calibre editor.