[LH3894] [RC5~] Current line highlight mark remained after leaving selected row

I’m using style called “인용”(Quotation) like below:
** Tabs and Indentation **
First line:
3.00 cm
3.00 cm
0.00 cm

Default tab spacing 1.27 cm

no Tab Stops

** Line Spacing **
Before Paragraph:
0.00 pt
After Paragraph:
3.00 pt
Line Spacing:

I put some texts with the style, and click on somewhere on it.

Then Scrivener made it like above, which is style of Current line Highlight.

I click another place, and some mark’s remained after leaving as above attached screenshot.

Thanks for the report! The highlight appearing at the beginning of the following line when there is left indentation and sticking when clicking between documents in a Scrivenings session are part of the same problem. I’ve made sure the bug is filed.