[LH3954] Covers not compiling to epub.

In a project I have compiled numerous times with a cover, the cover now does not show in the epub. It’s there, it’s just not compiled.



Hope those images work. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have that problem.

It worked in beta 20… And now not anymore.

I had that issue too.
Then I found out the covers work different from 1.9.: Instead of inserting the picture into the file, named cover, I imported the picture. t the place of the cover. Then it worked. Well, two weeks ago with a former version.

I just tried that, importing it, but it didn’t work for me. :frowning:
I have another way I can do it but in a separate program. I just hope they fix it.
(And I REALLY hope this gets out of beta soon…)

I tested this and the Cover page/image does appear in my tests. Please, make sure that you open the Compile Cover page and select “First Image in Front matter folder” or the image document itself. Make sure that you also check the “Add HTML Cover Page” at the bottom. Does this fix it?

It was the “Add HTML Cover Page” that was NOT checked. Tried that and it now works. Everything else was already there and the cover was showing. Whew! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yes! Worked for me!

I have the same issue with .mobi documents. The cover is specified (either first image or actual image) but there is no “add html cover page” option when compiling to .mobi, so I get a kindlegen error saying no cover specifed, and there is no cover in the generated .mobi.

The cover is there if I generate a .epub and check the “add HTML option”. Please let me know if you’d like me to create a new thread for this issue or if it’s fine to discuss it here.

@Manni: This is a bug Manni. Switch to ePub, check the “Add HTML cover page” option and switch back to mobi. This should get your cover image appear in mobi.

Confirmed, after compiling to .epub with the HTML option checked my .mobi has the cover,

Glad to hear you’ve logged the bug :slight_smile:

Yes, and it has been fixed for the next release.

Great. Do you think this bug could be related to the bug when compiling to PDF here https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/compile-problems-with-front-matter/46238/1 where the cover in the front matter isn’t included either? It is included when compiled to PDF on the Mac, but I haven’t found a way to get the cover compiled to PDF on PC.

This seems to be fixed in beta 23 for mobi and epub, thanks.

It’s not fixed for PDF though, so I’ll report in the thread linked above for further discussion.