[LH3987] Bug? Сursor jumps to the top document spontaneously in Scrivening Mode

I’ve never experienced such a problem in previous versions, and it is hard to believe that such a catastrophic bug still exists at this stage of development, but here is the way I get it:

As usual, I use a standard Scrivener Tutorial for replicating bugs.

I open ‘Tutorial’ and select ‘Get Oriented’ folder in Binder, so get into the Scrivening mode, Then I click on a text within some document in this folder, say, ‘Main Interface’, and press ‘Enter’. A new paragraph break is inserted (as expected), but next the cursor moves up and when I start typing, the text is inserted not in the paragraph that I have just created, but in the (empty) folder’s area.

Just in case, the same happens on pressing ‘Delete’ in a document in Scrivening mode. Sometimes cursor jumps up while I typing—could not find specific key or key combination that caused it.

P.S. What seems to cause cursor to jump to the top of the folder while typing is just its reaching the end of the line—it happens just after a word too long to place in the current line is moved to the beginning of the next line.

I can confirm this one.

Frequently, the cursor jumps up to the preceding document while I’m typing.
In my case, it doesn’t seem to be triggered by reaching the end of a line, i.e. I can’t tell what makes it happen.

Just try to type some letters and spaces in a new paragraph from the start of the line. Nothing is expected to happen until you are nearing the end-of-line area. Type slower, and just at the moment there is no space for the current word, the word moves to the next line, and cursor jumps up. This behaviour is reliably recurring at my system now.

Just in case—so far as it is actually a bug, and in fact, this bug makes writing in Scrivening mode impossible, I hope the devs will be able to fix it before Beta 24 is released.

Yup, I’m seeing this one too.

I have seen it when typing in lists as well. The effect happens when you are typing a word that will need to be wrapped to the next line. The first letter(s) are fine, but once you type the letter that causes the wrapping, the word wraps onto the next line and the cursor jumps to the end of the previous document.

The reverse is also true. If you are deleting a wrapped word, then at the point the word is short enough to not be wrapped it moves to the previous line but the cursor jumps to the previous document.

The only solution is to be aware and click the mouse to move the cursor back again.

I would only add that pressing ‘Delete’ or ‘Enter’ causes unexpected cursor’s jump even at the beginning of the line, not only in wrapping area.

I didn’t want to mention it before, as I wasn’t completely sure I wasn’t hitting any keys inadvertently.

But now I’m quite sure it’s not me:
Occasionally (twice this morning) the cursor has jumped on me in regular, non-Scrivening mode.

There was no line wrap going on either. Just me typing along at the start or middle of a new line, and suddenly the cursor is up somewhere on the first line of the document. I’m 99,9% confident I never hit anything but character keys.

I believe I have experienced this in regular mode too, once or twice, but the same thing is true—I am unable to reproduce it reliably in non-scrivening mode.

Anyway, I have effectively stopped working on my writing in Scrivener (and so testing the current Beta) after finding this bug—it is fatally distractive.

It happens a tremendous lot when I’m near the end of the last document in the Scrivening selection when parts of 2 documents are on the screen at the same time.

Very often, when this happens, it seems there are TWO cursor markers (I use a 3-pixel wide blue cursor) right after the cursor shift.

The place the cursor shifts to seems to be either the end of the document immediately prior, or sometimes the end of the document two documents prior (in one case, the document changed to was not onscreen at the time).

I was thinking for a bit this was related to auto-save, but after changing the auto-save interval a few times, it doesn’t seem to be.

To be clear, the happy hopping cursor only happens to me in Scrivening mode.

During single doc editing, everything is beautiful.


So far as we are collecting further tiny details, I would share this morning observation. It seems that cursor constantly jump up exactly to its previous position. That is:

(1) I put cursor somewhere in the line of one document (in Scrivening mode), then go down to the next document and press ‘Enter’ (it seems to be a full manual analog to the auto-wrapping—both are the moment of creating a new line and moving cursor one line down). When I start typing, the text is added exactly at the position where cursor was before I placed it (by click) in the next document. (Earlier I mistakenly thought that it had jumped to the top of the top document in the Folder.) — ‘Delete’ and ‘Backspace’ work exactly the same way (NB: if it means deleting a line, not a symbol!). — If I move cursor down from one (previous) document to the next one, and then press ‘Enter’ inside the next, cursor jumps to where it was before leaving the previous document, i.e. at the last symbol of the previous doc.

(2) My experiment with typing some ‘lorem ipsum’ line gives almost the same result reliably: I click somewhere in the first document, then in the next one, and start typing. When I reach wrapping area, the word under cursor moves to the beginning of the next line, and next symbols are inserted at the last position of the cursor in previous document. However, there is one exception here: if the cursor is not at the end of the line to be wrapped (there are some symbols to the right of the cursor), no jump happens.

Can confirm appearance of the second cursor when moving it with a long press on ‘Down’ arrow.

How do you change the cursor color?


It’s an opposite color to the editor background. My editor background is a light orange (easier on my eyes, believe it or not), so blue cursor.

Ah, thanks. :slight_smile:

Same issue - I created a tutorial project and thought editing the document to only keep the details I wanted to remember later would be easier than creating my own notes. Boy, this bug makes it impossible to edit.

When select a folder in the binder so that all the documents view in the right hand pane, trying to indent by tab key click moves my cursor into the folder name field. The name field is at top of right hand pane in this view.
The tab key is really messed up in this view.

If I attempt to delete a return character at the beginning of a line in order to move text to the end of a previous sentence, it jumps me to the folder name field also.

Me too. Sorry, this is a real show stopper.

Edit: It happens whenever documents are connected.

I have confirmed this is fixed for me in Beta 24. Thanks guys! :smiley:


Beta 24 fixed the cursor-jumping issue for me too. Thanks development team! I’d be happy to purchase this version as the release version. I’ve been playing with it all morning and haven’t run into any bugs yet. Great job on building a kick ass app you guys!!

Latest update corrected issue for me too. Is it easier for developers to track if we all respond when we are resolved, or only if we are still seeing the bug after someone indicates it is resolved?