[LH3987] Editing from a folder moves cursor around

If I have a folder, and within the folder are documents, and I click the folder to be able to go through all of the documents in the folder at once. If I start typing anywhere in the documents themselves, the cursor will bounce around all over the place and I will drop random letters all over my manuscript if I’m not paying attention. To edit the documents, I have to go into the individual documents within the folder.

Not seeing this. I used the Tutorial (for B23) as an example project, and typing in a folder does not seem to cause those issues.

I’ve experienced precisely the same problem and came to the forum to see if there’s a solution.

Ditto. I am editing a text document in scrivenings mode. The document itself is within several levels of nested folders within the Manuscripts folder. (e.g., Manuscript–>Mechanics–>Projectiles–>Introduction and I am editing Introduction.
In the Binder, Projectiles is selected, so I can look at all the sections in that chapter). I’m trying to pin down when it is happening, but I haven’t yet b/c I usually am not watching the screen closely enough as I write. But what happens is: I’m typing along and then suddenly the typing is happening up at the level of the parent folder.

Oh, and I don’t know if you have some way to do a trace, but I think I have a situation where it reproduces consistently.

I’ve had it go both up to the level of the parent folder, and also to the end of the current note. I’ve also had it move to multiple places within the span of typing a single word.

Seeing the same issue here, it’s new as of the most recent update (todays?) Beta (676099) 64-bit - 08 Sep 2019

We are aware of a recent bug when typing at the bottom of the current screen while in Scrivenings. Please confirm that this is the behaviour you are seeing. If your cursor jumps when you are not typing at the bottom of the screen, please respond with that information as well.


It doesn’t seem to matter where I am, I just have to be viewing/editing multiple sub-documents and trying to type in anything but the first one.
If I click anywhere in a sub-document and start typing, within a few keystrokes the cursor jumps to a (seemingly) random location in one of the above sub-documents, or the parent.

It can be anywhere in the document, and it still jumps around, it does not need to be at the bottom of the screen. I am using typewriter mode, so maybe it always counts as bottom of the screen?

It often occurs for me at the end of a line, but not consistently. (I.e., it has also happened just in the middle of a line.)

Just managed to reproduce this in Scrivenings mode, and then in Composition mode (took some time, but given the information supplied, I managed it).

So, I think what’s happening is there’s a conflict in Cursor placement between pages. If I’m in either of those modes and I’ve got two or more documents on the screen, the cursor does what it wants to. It will bounce between documents regardless of where the cursor has been placed or where the user is typing.

Sometimes, I can have two documents showing onscreen in either mode, having just been typing in one, take a break, look down, and the cursor doesn’t show at all on screen. Where did it go? The end of a document not even on the screen, before either document I could see when it disappeared.

Whatever’s going on, the algorithm for “saving the current cursor position” is being overridden by the algorithm for “deciding the appropriate cursor position,” and that’s not gonna fly.