[LH3987|LH3988] BUG Beta - Scrolling with keyboard with Scrivenings mode on

Scrolling with keyboard through document and binder with keyboard arrow keys works as expected with Scrivenings mode off.

With Scrivenings mode on:

1. Inside Scrivenings mode.
Say you have 5 text documents inside a folder which have all been displayed correctly in scrivenings mode, if you press the down (or up keys) to scroll across the entire text, at each break between text documents the document will switch to the very end of the series of documents, if you press the down or up keys again then it appears back where it should be. Eg. Scrolling from the end of text document 1 to 2, at the break it will flick to the end of 5, before going to the correct place in 2. You only notice this if pressing the keys one at a time. If you press and hold it seems likely that this still happens but it flicks right by.

2. Inside Binder.
Inside the binder with scrivenings mode on. When scrolling across the different text documents and folders the “selected” text document will get stuck on one particular text document, different each time, Works at expected with scrivenings mode off.

I’ve cross check this against version 1.9.13 which works as expected.

Thanks so much.


Can confirm this behavior.

This has been fixed and the fix will be available in the next update.

Very efficient. Love the updates. Thanks!

Following up on original bug report:

I have just installed version 24 and can confirm bug [3987] seems to be fixed. Thanks so much!

Bug [3988] persists but not as bad as it was.

  1. When inside a folder, keying up and down between files works as expected.
  2. However, when moving up to the folder level, it then gets stuck on the very next file or folder, up or down, when continuing to key press.

Can anyone else confirm?

Thanks again for working so hard or such a terrific application.


This does not happen for me. All keyboard movements in binder work fine for me, including expand/collapse.