[LH3987] , weird one, cursor takes a leap while typing

I’ve only seen this after having clicked on a folder in the binder so that I see all its contents in the editing panel with separation lines between them, as shown in the first screen shots (top, side-by-side).

What happens is I’ll start typing in one of the folder’s documents and, for no reason I can see, the cursor leaps up to the folder’s first line (Heading 1 in this case) and the typing continues there, as shown in the third screen shot.


(note: No carriage return, just a space and then “I’ve been…” It just so happened that all but the space line-wrapped.)

I haven’t noticed any pattern other than what I described above, so I don’t know exactly when it’s going to happen or what the trigger is, but it invariably happens after typing a bit given the same set up.

I don’t have any similar problems when I’ve selected a single document to edit.

This has been reported already, I think:

Right you are! And biblioman description is way better. Maybe my screenshots might help?

Admins, feel free to remove this one if it’s cluttering things up.

Skeptic23, welcome to the club. ) It appears to be rather serious problem, with a few earlier (than mine) reports:

…it was even reported as solved in Beta 23, but apparently has not yet.

I believe all our detailed reports, even if repetitive, will help the developers to fix this.