[LH4019] RC1 PageView Sizing Issues

As I was going through the Tutorial, I came upon the PageView mode, so decided to try it. First of all, my Options are set for an Editor width of 900 pixels (set down to 700 with no effect to issue below) an I have a border of 25 pixels (changed to 10 with not effect.)

The image below shows how my Editor looks normally. Note all text is visible.

When I turned on PageView, I did indeed get pages, but the right side of the page was hidden behind the Inspector. Closing and opening the inspector did not resize the page. See image below

When I turned PageView off, it resized the editor window, but ignored the scroll bar, hiding some of the text behind it. (See image below.) Turning off the Inspector and turning it on again properly resized the window.

This makes the PageView mode rather unusable if you want the Inspector displayed.

Hi Toooldforthis,

Can you confirm something for me? Under File > Page Setup, what is the paper size set to?

Thank you.

When I checked File->Page Setup, it was set to Letter size and Landscape for some unfathomable reason. I changed the orientation to Portrait and the entire page appears. Resizing the Binder column moves the left margin, as expected. If I increase the width of the Inspector, the “paper” does not resize, but is hidden behind the Inspector. It’s nice to have a virtual page, but it needs to remain virtual, and not try to mimic an actual fixed page size or a super wide page will have a hidden right side, even without the Inspector. The workaround is easy: don’t use PageView unless you size it to fit.

BTW, I’m dying for the final version to come out! I use V3 for all my work, and copy it to 1.9 just in case. I’m a novel writer and just a bit paranoid about losing my work. :laughing:

Hi TooOldForThis,

After having double-checked how the Mac version handles this, I can say that this appears to be working as intended. The only bug I can see is that it failed to fix itself when you turned Page View back off.

Page View will not choose a zoom level for you based on how the editor is sized, instead it will show the text at the chosen zoom level, with the number of characters per line that the page setup/font size/etc. allows.

The issue with text still remaining behind the inspector after turning off Page View has been filed.