[LH4021] Beta 23 Not Copying RTF

I have just noticed that Beta 23 is not copying full RTF. I copied some text (450 pages worth) from Beta 23 to Serif PagePlus X9. All font decorations, such as Bold and Italic, were never copied over. Just to make sure this was not a PagePlus issue, I copied some of the same text from Scrivener 1.9 into the same PagePlus project, and all font decorations coming across. This is interesting, since I copied the original text from Beta 22 to Scrivener 1.9 with all font decorations showing.

As a second test, I just copied some text from Beta 23 to Scrivener 1.9, and all font decorations are coming across. To be certain it wasn’t just happening in PagePlus, I copied the same text to a LibreOffice Writer document, with the same results as above–OK from 1.9, but gone with Beta 23.

The question then becomes: Why do PagePlus and LibreOffice recognize Scrivener 1.9 RTF and not Beta 23 RTF?

It would appear that Beta 23 is also not able to paste text copied from PagePlus using the Paste command, but it will paste the text if I use the Past and Match Style. When I tried this with Scrivener 1.9, it did the same. So, neither appears to like anything copied from PagePlus. But, if I copy text from PagePlus to LibreOffice, fonts and decorations appear properly, and if this same text is copied to 1.9 or Beta 23, it shows up!

Attempting to confirm:

With Libre office pasting from a paragraph in Scrivener:
Headers, bold, italic, bullet lists all fail to copy into Libre Writer. I get plain text only.

Thanks, that definitely seems to be the case. It pastes within Scrivener fine, using its own private pasteboard, but doesn’t populate an RTF pasteboard for compatibility with other software.

Tested with Notepad++ using Edit ▸ Paste Special ▸ Paste RTF Content.