[LH4034] Snapshots taken in Scriv1 are inaccessible when projects are upgraded to Scriv3 beta

I upgraded one of my Scriv1 projects to the Scriv3 beta, and I noticed that the snapshots I took of a scene (five in total) were inaccessible in Scriv3. They were shown on the list of snapshots in the Inspector, but when I clicked on them, no text appeared. I clicked ‘Compare’ and it said ‘No differences found’. I clicked ‘Roll Back’ and although it prompted me to take a snapshot of current work (which I did) and went through the motions of rolling back, nothing actually changed in the document.

The newly-taken snapshot, however, functioned as normal. It was only the ones I took in Scriv1 that didn’t work.

I tried to delete the old snapshots, just out of curiosity, and although it gave me the proper deletion prompts and again went through the motions, the old snapshots were not removed from the list of snapshots. The newly-taken snapshots, on the other hand, deleted without issue.

I have Scriv3 beta and Scriv1 running side-by-side, so I went back into the Scriv1 version and the snapshots were perfectly functional there.

To sum up: Scriv1 snapshots are inaccessible in Scriv3 and cannot be deleted. Snapshots taken in Scriv3 appear to work fine.

[ Version: Beta (1155038) 64-bit - 30 Dec 2020 ]