[LH4049] Bug beta, custom Ctrl+Alt+letter/number shortcuts do not work

I was trying to edit a new shortcut to show/hide invisibles characters, because the one by default (Ctrl+Shift+) does not work with my keyboard (probably because to write , I have to press Alt Car+#). So, I opened the options window -> keyboard, then changed the shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+i, clicked apply and closed the options window, but it does not work. I also tried to close Scrivener and open it again, but it still does not work. I tried many other shortcut (to show/hide invisibles characters), but nothing works. I would have appreciated a simple symbol of show/hide invisibles characters in the toolbar (like in Scrivener 1), but you removed that option in Scrivener 3…

I am using windows 10, beta (64-bit), french canadian language (I think my keyboard is multilingual)

Can you not go to View->Customize Toolbars… to get the following dialog?

They moved the Show Invisibles to the Main toolbar from the Format toolbar.

Oh! You’re right! I was so used to see that symbol in the format toolbar, that I did not see it at all!
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Still a bug. Ctrl+Alt+I did not work for me either. Ctrl+shift+i works (have to void another shortcut i don’t use, but that’s okay for now).

The keyboard shortcut panel would accept Ctrl+Alt+I, but the shortcut does not work. It types an “I.” Capital I.
I tried Ctrl+Alt+M. Same idea.

It appears that Ctrl+Alt does not work with letters. It works with function keys. It evidently works with some of the control keys (arrows, home, end, etc). But not letters. And not the Backspace key either.

Thanks, all. I’ve filed this issue. Scrivener isn’t able to work with Ctrl+Alt+letter/number combinations (they’re actually recommended against by the Microsoft design guidelines because of how Windows deals with Ctrl+Alt under different languages…not that you’d know it if you looked at any of Microsoft’s own software :confused: ), and the default shortcuts avoid this, but as noted it’s possible to enter them as custom shortcuts. I’ll see if we can add a note to the dialog to avoid the combination.