[LH4090][BETA 26]: Adding a new document at the top of the binder collapses all top level folders

When I select the first listed item at the top of the binder and click the add-item button on the toolbar, the new document is added just below the selected document and all the top level folders in the binder are collapsed. It’s very annoying since I would have to re-expand those top level folders that were previously opened, one at a time. But this problem does not happen if the new added document is automatically placed at the very bottom of the binder. I’ve included images to show this in action.

Before clicking the add-item button:

After clicking the add-item button:

In the binder select the top-most folder and hold SHIFT and then select the bottom folder. This should select all the top level folders in your binder. > Next go to the View menu > Select Outline > Select Expand All

While this wouldn’t address the root of the problem in your report, it will save you the trouble of having to re-expand all the folders.

Any solution to fix this?

This is a bug that needs to be fixed.

To expand/collapse all children of a Binder item use Alt+Click. For example Alt+Click the Draft folder will expand all the sub-children levels.

Ok. Thanks for the update.