[LH4155] New auto yellow comment highlighting issue...

When I add a comment on a single word or two that has a blank line before and after, the yellow highlight color spans then entire document and bleeds below it. Is this a bug? Here’s a pic of that issue:

I think this is because of how the comment is attached to/in the document. I think it’s a bug.

Whoever has the authority, please mark this as a bug fix task! Thanks.

This is still happening in Beta 31 and affects both Comment highlighting and Preserve Format highlighting. The highlight expands until it reaches text. The image shows a yellow Comment with blank paragraphs after it and then three Preserve Format highlights, some with and some without blank paragraphs after.

If I start typing in one of the blank paragraphs, the highlight contracts.

This is probably LH4155. See https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh4155-comment-color-spans-space/48210/1

Temporary fix; just add a space after the comment.

Yes, sorry for missing this one when I updated the other posts. This has been filed. Thanks!