[LH4170] BUG:unable to select template folder


After upgrading the latest version
It unable to select template folder

I think this should be a bug.



I recreated my template folder but it still can’t be selected.

Is your tempates folder inside of any other folder? I’ve found in this build that it has to be a top-level folder, at the same indent level as the draft, research, and trash folder. That goes counter to what I recall from the Mac version, which allows the Templates folder to be inside Research.

YES, my tempates folder is a top-level folder,But there are no options in the drop-down menu,so I sure it’s a BUG.

Thanks for your help

This is indeed a bug and has been filed. In the meantime there is a workaround. Name whatever folder you wish to use “Templates” and select it using the dropdown menu in Project Settings. Afterwards you can rename the folder whatever you wish and it should still work as the template folder.

Template folders must still be located outside of the “Draft/Manuscript” and “Trash” special folders (“Research” is okay)

Thank you!!
Have a nice day