[LH4178] Reset session count at set time each day never resets

In Project > Project Targets > Options… > Session Target, I have the Reset session count: set to “At set time each day” and 4:00 AM.


Everyday, after 4:00 AM when I use Scrivener, the word count under my session target still has a number of words from my previous session, where I would expect it to be zero.


Perhaps this functionality only works when you keep Scrivener open across the sessions? I do not; I always close the app each day.

Version: Beta (804038) 64-bit - 14 Jan 2020

Can confirm that this happens to me also. Although mine is set to change at 00:00.

Mine will sometimes reset itself - if I’m online or not - but there are occasions like today, when I’ve logged on and it still has the whole of yesterdays words there.

I am also having this problem. Today, I had to update the beta and restart my computer and my word count from the previous day still did not reset. I have to remember to do it manually.

An update to this – I closed the project yesterday, reopened, and yesterday’s word count was still saved. Also, the ability to tweet progress to Twitter is gone. Was that functionality removed and I’m just missing it in the beta notes?

Still an issue for me as well. It’s random and completely unpredictable. Sometimes it resets, sometimes not. Mostly not.

Sorry to keep coming back but this is new – I manually reset my progress last night so I could see how my target goal had changed, then closed the program. When I reopened the program, yesterday’s word count was there. That’s the first time I can remember manually resetting it and still having to do it again the next time I opened it. I wasn’t paying particular attention before, to be honest, so it could have happened before. I’m just paying more attention to my deadline right now.

I have the same problem on version

I set my session target to reset at 1 o’clock in the morning. But when I started Scrivener today, the session count from yesterday was still there.

It might be that Scrivener only performs that reset when it happens during a time that the Scrivener application is open and running?

A good workaround for me is to set the ‘Reset session count’ option to ‘On next day opened’.

Hopefully we fixed this bug. Please, give it another test in Beta 39.

Counts seem to be resetting every time now. But there’s still a problem with text that has been cut and pasted being counted as new words.

Actually, no…that’s not it. What’s happening is that if I cut all the text from a document and paste it into another, then put the empty document into the trash…several thousand words are added to my word count for the day. I didn’t note down the exact word counts of the documents I put in the trash, but I watched the session target jump as soon as I put the empty docs in there. Emptying the trash does not delete the words from the session target, either.

ETA: Merging documents increases session target as well.