[LH4199] View->Use Label Color In issues

Stumbled upon this while working with metadata:

  1. Start with nothing selected in View->Use Label Color InAnnotation 2019-11-29 192731.png
  2. Press F5 and/or F6 or select those either or both of those items in the view menuAnnotation 2019-11-29 192732.png
  3. Select or press any of the other View->Use Label Color In options - both of the first two selections are unchecked but previous selections are still activeAnnotation 2019-11-29 192734.png

Pressing F5 and/or F6 will check the View-> Use Label Color In menu items again (as if they were turned off), then repeat to actually turn off those view modes. It is only those two modes (F5 & F6) that this applies to.

Thanks Jestar! This has been filed and will be fixed in the next update.

Cool. Glad it was an easier one to find and fix.