[LH4207] Zoom in Quick Reference ?

In Quick reference

  1. the mouse shortcuts does not zomm in/out at all
  2. the keyboard shortcut for “zoom in” works, but not the “zoom out”. Customized them, same effect. They both work in the normal editor.

I found the same with the mouse. However, I found that the zoom larger ctrl = works fine, but Windows users think it is ctrl + Which is the same keys on regular keyboard, but not on the numeric keypad.

So the mouse ctrl - scroll wheel doesn’t work in quick ref, but does normally.

Keypad ctrl + ignores the plus and makes a + sign in the quick ref.
keypad ctrl- - shrinks properly.

Keyboard above letters works fine for me.

Also the pulldown menu works. It is just weird that the numeric keypad plus doesn’t work

This has been filed. Thanks.